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Sorry Status; Life offers bad times and due to that we feel sad in life. These sad quotes will help you heal yourself.

There are many sad sorry status and quotes which help you express your sorry feelings with people and help you focus on your life in a proper way.

In this article, I will take you towards sad status and quotes to express your sorry feelings with people on social media.

Best Sorry Status Captions

Life offers bad times and we unfortunately need to face it. Sorry Status

Everyone makes mistakes in life. But, sometimes, there is no limit and we need to face sorrows all the time.

I feel sorry and I’m ready to improve myself.

I hope that you will forgive me and therefore I say sorry to you.

Being sorry in life is necessary. It helps to improve relations in life.

Relationships are delicate and sometimes sorry and thank you can save it from destroying it.

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I know I have committed a mistake. But, some situations are irreversible. I’m sorry!

Life is awesome for those who try hard for their dreams and succeed. But, LUCK plays a vital role in it.

I know that I have born unlucky and I admit it. Now, it’s better to face it without running from it.

Sometimes, being sorry is not enough to stay happy and peaceful in life.

I know that I have been expecting too much from myself because I worked hard. But, life doesn’t care.

It is better we live only to try. At least, bad luck won’t play a role in it.

People are usually sorry after making us sad and breaking our heart bad.

Sadness is just a feeling and bad luck is a experience.

I have seen people saying sorry to themselves and staying happy. But, not everyone can stay similar!

You know what I have born with lots of struggles hoping to be better one day.

Life always offers you second chance no matter how much bad mistakes you make. Just say sorry to yourself and move on!

Making someone better is best feeling in the life. No matter how much you try to make them better they still love to cheat you!

I am sorry to those who have said that I’m a cheater. I’m sorry! But, my luck not helped to make you all happy!

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Feeling sad is bad! But, sometimes, sad feelings can help learn the best parts of life. Sorry Status

Never expect too much from yourself. It hurts! Expectations are our dream and Bad luck is our reality.

The more you try to keep yourself away from bad luck the more hurdles life will keep it in your life.

People usually have smile faces and cruel mind to destroy you in their way.

I always compare myself with my talent. But, I may have good talent. But, if you have no money in your pockets. The talent always stands useless.

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When all are happy and you are sad, that means you can handle more sorrows in life.

People say that failures will help stay down to earth. But, staying down to earth doesn’t make life prettier!

I always wanted the things I tried for! My life always gave me nothing in return.

I may be too much negative. But, that is my way to heal myself.

Write what you feel sad about and it is the right way to stay positive in life.

Disappointments are part of life and those who have bad luck they have all parts of life covered with disappointments and pains!

Daily schedule is useful only if somethings goes right. There’s nothing right if you have a huge BAD LUCK!

Get more happier in life. Life is happier and it makes the way you like it.

I tried too much in life. But, giving up is the only option in life?

I don’t like to give up in life. It makes me weaker. But, if life have already decided what can I do!

People are sympathetic towards you. They are not at all interested to give you the perfect solution.

Sad feelings are part of life and being sad is part of the feeling. Sorry Status

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I’m really sorry to myself. But, life is not interested in you no more. Sorry Status

I always think about future hoping good things and success. I work hard for it. But, end up thinking the same thing after each failure.

Is quitting an only option in life? If someone asks me, I would say it applies for me only.

I love writing to express my feelings with people. I assume people will help me out of the situations. But, assumptions and expectations are just a imagination.

I’m sorry to myself. I’m sorry to life. I’m sorry dear. I’m sorry for expecting in life.

All things are easy in life except making good amount of money.

Job or Business? When you have no talent, it doesn’t matter in life!

I thought that she will forgive me after my sorry status. But, expecting is again a sign of being sad in life.

Failure is first step towards first success. Success is never first and failure is a never ending process.

If you fail too much in life, do you really believe there is success in the end!

Success is a part of luck. And luck is not part of talent.

Talent is amazing. But, talent is only helpful if you have a GOOD LUCK.

People have too much skills in life. But, life is not easy and they are again sorry to themselves.

Try hard in life and expect nothing. Expectations will help stay sad all the time every time.

Do hard times change anyone? It depends how it impacts us. It decides whether someone will be disappointed or sad.

Sad feelings and this part of my relationship. I’m sorry to you dear for my mistakes. I hope you will forgive me in my life.

Our relationship is like my luck. And the luck is always bad all the time every time. Sorry Status

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Sorry Status; I have written deep quotes and status to express you bad and sad feelings on social media. These status and captions can help you heal yourself in life. Healing is important in life and it will always help you stay away from giving up on your dreams.


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