21 Years of Togetherness Quotes

21 Years of Togetherness Quotes ; Do you want to find the greatest 21 years of togetherness quotes? I am confident that these quotations will assist you in commemorating this wonderful occasion.

21 Years of Togetherness Quotes

  • Thank you for being there all these years, for always supporting me and having my back. You have stood by me in every situation, whether it was easy or hard, I know you had my back. I love you so much! There isn’t one day that goes by that I wish we were together on this crazy adventure called life.
  • 21 years of togetherness seems like only yesterday when I asked you to marry me. You are still as lovable as ever, and no signs of slowing down! Love you dearly for all that you are and everything that you do.
  • Hello, 21 years ago we came into each others lives & it has been the BEST 21 years of my life. True we have had our ups & downs but you have stood by me through them all. You are my soul mate, best friend, the love of my life & I thank God for every day we have together.
  • I know that you are my best friend, my soul mate, and I love sharing special moments with you. From the first kiss to each moment together as we grow old, Happy 21st Anniversary!
  • Hi babe! I love you and always will. Everything you are is amazing. Thank you for being an amazing husband and father to our children. You are my everything. I’m so thankful to be with you, let’s go another 21 years!
  • 21 years today of finding love, sharing laughter, raising a family and a life full of memories. I wouldn’t trade you for a million reasons, you are my everything. I LOVE YOU! Sincerely, your wife.
  • I wrote this song about a year ago because we have been together for 21 years. I wanted to send it to you but didn’t know how…I was also afraid of what the reaction would be. Your love is always fresh, always new….You are my inspiration…..You make me believe in love…squeeze me….my heart is beating really fast…
  • The years that have passed have done nothing to change my love for you. You are still the most beautiful woman in the world and I look forward to spending every day with you. Hopefully I will be lucky enough to spend many more years with you.
  • My dearest love, I want to thank you for all the good times and the bad. Together we have shared each year and that’s what makes me cherish this day to be so special. It’s been a wonderful 21 years and many more will follow. Happy anniversary!
  • Twenty-one years seems like a long time. I remember the ceremony, and when I looked at you, I had never been so sure of anything in my life. You said yes, we promised to spend our lives together, and you have been true to that promise. Happy 21 years of togetherness darling.
  • My dearest wife, I hope you enjoy your day of Love as much as our 21 years that have brought us to this point. So many wonderful memories and so many more to come. You are my soul mate, lover and friend. I love you with all my heart and soul.
  • 21 Years of Togetherness Quotes
  • We’ve been married for almost 21 years and you have shown me more love and kindness than I could ever dream of. You are the man of my dreams, my soul mate.
  • We celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary today. And as always, it is only more and better love with age…. We will be growing old together and still in love forever and always… I don’t know how to thank God for bringing you into my life. You are an Angel sent by God to make me a better person. I love you beyond words can say. Happy anniversary baby! I love you!
  • I just can’t wait for the day that I can go into my back yard knowing that you are there as well. My soulmate, my one and only love. You fill every part of me – with your love, your warmth and your comfort. You make me a better person and I thank God everyday he put you in my life. I promise to always be there for you, to never give up on us, and to never take our love for granted. I Love you!
  • I LOVE YOU from the depths of my soul, I need you like a heart needs a beat. I miss you when we are apart, your voice lifts me up when I feel down. My life has been filled with joy and happiness ever since the day I said YES to you. You are my best friend, my partner in crime, and my true love. I can’t wait for forever with you!

21 Years of Togetherness Captions

  • My first love, my only love, my forever love. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you getting old slow and gracefully. I am so happy that I get to spend this day celebrating you. Being 21 years together has been the best years of my life, and that’s because of you!
  • On this special day, I want to say that you are the best thing that ever happened to me and I am so happy that we got married 21 years ago! May our love continue to grow with each passing year and I am so lucky to have you as my husband.
  • Well, as you can see, I’m writing this letter with a broken heart because I am not there to celebrate my twenty-first wedding anniversary with you today.
  • From our first hug to our last kiss, you have meant so much to me. Every smile, every laugh and every hug brings me joy and happiness in my heart. Our love is the foundation of my life and I treasure it very much. I have dreamed of you since I was a little girl and even though the years went by I still dream of you!
  • You have given me the greatest joy, the greatest love and the greatest smile after all these years. I love you more than I can express in words. Everyday when you touch my hand, I get tingles from head to toe; not only do I see the season of spring, but beyond our years together, into our golden years where we will hold each other’s hands, not as a romantic relationship but as a family together.
  • I’m so lucky to have found you all those years ago. You’ve made me laugh and kept me warm your whole life. Thank you for being my rock and making all my dreams come true. I can’t wait for many more years together!
  • Falling in love with you was the best moment in my life. After two years I still feel the same way. You are the nicest and most loyal man I have ever known. I cherish our love!
  • 21 years, 21 years of being together! We’ve made it this far and we are ever hopeful and optimistic that God will still somehow get us through
  • In a world full of change, turmoil and unpredictability it is so comforting to wake up every morning and see your face. For 21 years I have grown so much as a person and you have been by my side through it all. It’s hard to believe I could be any happier with you, but day after day you continue to blow my mind and fill my heart with love, making me fall more in love with you. Congratulations to our 21 years of togetherness.
  • You are my best friend, my soul mate and my wife. I love you! Thank you for being part of my life. Today we celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary. I love you more than words can say.
  • 21 Years of Togetherness Quotes
  • I want you to know that I am so lucky to have found you. There hasn’t been a day in the last 21 years that I haven’t thought about how much joy your smile has brought me. Honestly, I can picture your face when we were kids and how my heart would skip a beat every time I saw you. Please know that I will love and protect you always and forever.
  • I love you more than most people know how to love. I have loved you for every second of every day all these years and will go on loving you forever.
  • My life is enriched beyond measure simply through your presence in it. You are the love of my life and I so look forward to every day that God gives us together, for all the memories that are yet to be made. I love you more than words can say and pray that I will live up to your expectations of me as we continue on this wild ride called life together. Happy Anniversary Darling.

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