14 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Quotes

14 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Quotes ; Friendship has lasted 14 years and counting. During the 14th year of friendship, there is a lot to say about friends. So, here are some quotations that express a variety of emotions and aid in commemorating 14 years of friendship between two or more individuals.

14 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Quotes

  • 14 years of friendship and still counting, 14 years of togetherness, 14 wonderful years of having the love of my life by my side. We’ve been through so much together, from sad moments to all the exciting moments. I feel I have known you forever, and at the same time not long enough. The memories we have created will always stay in my heart and the new ones we are creating just keep getting better and better.
  • I am sorry girl! I’m not perfect! Even though I wish I could be. With you, my love it is more than just a game though. It’s lasted longer than some marriages and still counting. This is the day I fell for you, and on this day we are friends… celebrating 14 years of friendship and still counting.
  • It has been 14 years of being friends. Almost 15! We have shared everything together, our ups and downs, our struggles, our triumphs. You are just the most amazing friend I could ever ask for. I hope that we will remain friends until we’re grown old and grey.
  • 14 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Quotes
  • 14 years ago today, you came into my life. I was confused and lost, and you stood by me like no one else could have or would have. You showed me how to love myself and others. You have always been there for me with a shoulder to lean on and a warm smile. Thank you for all that you are!
  • To my best friend, today is one of the most important days of your life because its our 14th year anniversary. From the moment I met you I’ve known that you are the right person for me, you’re caring, understanding, funny and sweet. My life is so much better with you in it and I love you more everyday.
  • we’ve been through a lifetime together in 14 years, from schoolmates, to friends, to roommates, to family…we’ve been each other’s everything…kisses
  • My dearest friend, I still remember the day we met and even though it’s been 14 years, I hope we spend many more to come. Thank you for making my life so much easier, happier and fun! Love you lots!
  • It has been 14 years since I met you, 14 years of friendship and togetherness. You have taught me to love myself, you have taught me to be positive and strong. Life without you is unimaginable, life with you is beautiful. You have been my rock in the good and the bad times.
  • It’s hard to believe that it’s been 14 years since our friendship began. I’m so glad I chose you as my best friend. You have made me laugh, made me cry and most importantly made me strong enough to face anything. Thank you for being my friend and always having my back. I love you more than words could ever say!
  • I was always the guy who said i would never be with a guy, I had no idea how much love you could share with someone. I can’t believe it’s been 14 years now and we are celebrating it next month, I still remember how you came in to my life, or was I the one who came in to yours? It doesn’t matter anymore since we are together and nothing will change the way i feel about you. I love you more than words can ever explain.
  • I can’t remember when I didn’t know you. We have shared so many struggles and joys together. The love I have for you grows every single day. Here’s to the next 14 years!
  • 14 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Quotes
  • I’ve known you for almost 14 years now and every year is more amazing than the last. I love you and can’t wait to see what the future holds!
  • You are the most amazing friend I could ever ask for. You have always been there for me, when I was sad, when I was happy, when I needed to get out of a bad mood or just to share an inside joke. You have made me laugh and cry and smile more in the past 5 years than anyone else in my whole life. Thank you!
  • We’ve been through so much and still, there is no one else I would want to be with. You’re a great friend and an even better person. You have helped me so much through the years. I just want you to know how special you are to me. Thank you for everything!
  • 14 years of friendship and still counting. Here’s to many more. You are the best friend in the world. I wouldn’t have missed out on all this fun for anything! Love you!
  • 14 years of friendship, and I still feel like I just met you.
  • “Friendship doubles your joy and divides your sorrow”- William Penn. More than you can imagine, I treasure our friendship. You are my twin flame, there is no other way to put it: You complete me in so many ways that words cannot describe. There have been rough times but we have decided to stick together no matter what. We both know the deal. I love you for more than anyone else could!
  • A lot can happen in 14 years, we’ve learned a lot about each other. We’ve argued and made our peace. Today I give you this book, filled with a lifetime of memories for you to enjoy. I love you with all my heart and soul.
  • To my dear friend, I have no terms to express how much you mean in my heart. You came into my life and changed it in ways I could’ve never imagined. I will always remember that first day on the playground when we locked eyes and became instant friends. We have been together ever since and I can’t wait to do all the fun things that lay ahead for us. Stay my good friend for life!
  • I have been waiting for 14 years to tell you that I love you. It was hard to wait but I thought that I would live my life before telling you. Not a day goes by when i don’t think about you and gratitude for the love we had developed over the years, which has grown more steadfast as time went by.
  • 14 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Quotes
  • I feel blessed to have you in my life – a real friend, a shoulder to cry on, unconditional love and a best buddy ever! You are always there for me no matter what. You are very precious in my heart & I am so lucky to have you. Happy Friendship Day my sweetie pie!

14 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Messages

  • My life would be so empty without you. I have so many thoughts of what our future holds, but I want to live in the present as well. I face each day looking forward to the next time I get to see your beautiful smile and hear your laugh. You light up my world and show me how special you are to me. At 14 years of friendship and counting, you are someone that I will always hold close in my heart!
  • Help me celebrate these 14 years of friendship? I hope we have many, many more. I cherish you and it’s so wonderful to have someone who shares the same morals and values in friendship that I do. You are a light toward the end of my tunnel. Love you. Hope to see you soon.
  • I’ve never written a love letter to you before because it was hard to put into words how I feel. You are my dream come true. I’m blessed to have the most amazing friend in the whole world. We’ve been through a lot together and every time I thought our friendship would end, something happened which kept us close. I cherish every minute spent together and can’t wait to see what the future holds! You’ve taught me so much. Thank you.
  • 14 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Quotes
  • My friend, your friendship has been a blessing that few ever find. No matter how busy life gets, you’ve always found time for me. You’ve been a shoulder to cry on and a confidante when I needed advice. I’m so lucky to have you in my life!
  • Though I didn’t know who you were, I felt I was born to meet you. To live a life without you is impossible; to live without loving you is unthinkable, and to love without you would be a pity. Happy 14 Years of Friendship to us.
  • I can’t imagine a life without you. I have been by your side since grade school and will continue to be there for all the years to come. I don’t want anyone else but you, no one could ever make me happier than you do. Love You.
  • I love you so much. I miss you already. Thank you for a wonderful fourteen years of friendship and support. I’m honored to be part of your life. Thank you for making mine so filled with joy and love!
  • These are some of the most amazing 14 years of our lives, where we appreciate each moment. Certainly missed a lot of classes, work and parties but we both look back at these moments and it was well worth all that. Hoping to spend many more.
  • Whenever I feel low, u lift me up. Whenever I have problems u are always there to help me out. Whenever there is something good, then two of us enjoy it together. I am really lucky to have your love and care all throughout. Not only you’re my friend but also my partner for life through thick & thin. Happy 14th anniversary and many more to come. With lots of love.
  • Thanks so much for being the best friend I could ever ask for. I’ve said it a million times, but you deserve to hear it as many times I can tell you! You are beautiful inside and out and I am lucky that we have shared this amazing journey together. We have been through it all together, and I appreciate you more than you know! Thanks for being there always! I LOVE YOU!!!
  • 14 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Quotes
  • Over the years, you have been my shoulder to lean on during and tough times. You have never judged me or made me feel bad about anything I’ve done. Even though our lives took us in different directions, we are always there for each other no matter what. To all the memories we have together, there is just one thing I can say… Thank you for being my best friend all these years!
  • 14 years ago we started as friends and here we are, little has changed between us. I really care about you and consider you to be one of my dearest friends. You’re the best! May this card remind you of our love with a quote that is perfect for our friendship.
  • Happy 14th anniversary. You mean the world and more to me. I am so happy that we are celebrating this day another year together, i cherish every moment of it. Stay strong and always know i love you with all my heart.
  • We’ve been friends for 14 years now and it seems like only yesterday we met. But I know exactly how long we have known each other and I couldn’t be more grateful for you in my life. When I’m down or feeling down you always seem to come around, whether it’s me calling you or you calling me. You are so great. If there is anyone I could trust with my life (other than God) it is YOU. You are the most reliable person I know.
  • I met you 14 years ago. From the moment I did I knew I had found a forever friend. You have seen me at my worst and accepted me anyway. You have been there through my ups, downs, even when I was in the middle. Through thick and thin you were always with me, whispering “it will be ok” into my ear or picking up the pieces when they fell off of me.
  • I love you and I’ll be there for you through everything. You are my dear friend and my partner in crime. Thank goodness we found each other!
  • Words escape me when I try to express my feelings. I love you so much that it hurts sometimes. My heart swells with every thought of you, and I am overwhelmed with joy when we are together. To have met someone like you and built a friendship out of it is truly remarkable, and no matter what happens to us in the future, know that I will always love you.
  • What are we? We’re what they call, best friends. Forever and always, we’ll never change. You my friend, will always be my best friend. whether you like it or not! Haha!
  • 14 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Quotes
  • 14 years of friendship and still counting, 14 years of togetherness, 14 years of comfort, I love you my love. Wish you more than words could ever say. I am glad you are my best friend too. Happy Friendship Day my darling.
  • We have been friends for 14 years. Yes, fourteen years of friendship and still counting. Our relationship may not be romantic, but it is one of the most precious relationships I have ever had. You’ve been like a brother to me and I will always consider you an irreplaceable friend.

14 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Captions

  • Years of friendship is one of the best gifts life could give us. Having your soul mate by your side make you feel there is nothing in the world that can go wrong. I hope we are together forever and a day, cause it feels like we’re never gonna part when I’m with you, my best friend, my shoulder to lean on.
  • I am so lucky to have a best friend as amazing as you. I’ve never met a soul mate like you in my life, and know that you are the love of my life. Every day I feel more and more blessed to be able to share my life with you. You’ve helped me through some pretty rough times, but always brought me back up into sunshine, where I could see the light once again. With every passing day I fall deeper in love with you,
  • 14 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Quotes
  • You are my forever best friend. No matter what happens, no matter where our lives take us, I’ll always be right here for you – through thick and thin. I cherish you. I love you. And I just wanna say “THANK YOU!” Love, Kathy
  • I know we will never be perfect. No relationship ever is, but I want to be perfect for you. I want to love you perfectly, which is why I learned to let go. To not obsess over the distance between us and instead accept it as a part of who we are. All I truly want is to be with you every single day, for eternity.
  • 14 years of friendship and still counting… You were my first friend when I moved to the US, you have been my confidante in all life’s ups and downs. You have stood by me through thick and thin, good and bad. We have supported each other like no one else can do. You are one of the best things that happened to me and I cherish every moment we spent together, the laughter and tears during 14 beautiful years of friendship and loyalty.
  • We’ve been best friends for 14 years. It has been nothing short of amazing. I am so lucky to have you in my life. There is no one else I want to spend my time with! You are always there for me and more than just a friend, but an irreplaceable presence that I cannot live without!
  • Today is our anniversary, The 14th year anniversary of friendship. Friendship is the sweetest relationship in the world, Love can never be compared with it. Even if we have love we always want friendship too in life not any other relations. But to find friends is very tough job, You have to go through the pain of heart break and disappointment but when you succeed in finding that friend you will be the luckiest person in the whole world.
  • Today is my birthday and I’ve been thinking about everything you’ve done for me since the day we met. You give me so much of yourself and I am so thankful for every minute of it. I love you more than I can describe and if I was given a thousand lifetimes, I would never be able to show you exactly how much that is.
  • 14 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Quotes
  • Apart, I have so little to offer. Together we are strong; you can lean on me and in return I can lean on you, together we can face anything. I love our long talks, our warmth and closeness. I treasure every part of what we share… even the arguments for they make us stronger. You make me feel alive and my love for you only grows with every passing day!
  • We hit our 14 year mark! Can you imagine how little we must have been when we started being friends? It’s crazy to think we had actual crushes on each other from a young age. I can’t remember what it was like without you in my life, as crazy as that sounds. You make me try harder and always strive to be a better person. I wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for you and our great friendship.
  • Best friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. Here’s to 14 more years of memories!
  • I am so thankful for the last 14 years that you have been in my life. I can’t believe it has been 14 years since we met and I feel like just yesterday you were crying in my arms after being rejected by a guy. You are the best friend I have ever had, one of those people who I can go to at any moment and know that you will be there for me. My life would be so boring without you in it! I love you so much sis.
  • Sometimes I don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse that we are so alike. You are the best friend I’ve ever had. If anyone ever tries to tell you that 14 years isn’t that long, they don’t know what they are talking about. If I were in this with anyone else, I would be bored to tears. Because of you, never a day goes by where I don’t laugh and smile.
  • I met you freshman year of high school. Little did I know how much my life would change after we met. Through our friendship I slowly found myself through all the bad times and good. You’ve always been there for me, no questions asked, no matter what. I can truly say that I owe nearly all of the happiness in my life to you…Here’s to our friendship
  • My love for you grows every day. It took me 14 years to finally realize the one true love of my life is you! I promise to always treat you like a queen and make sure you know how much I love you.
  • 14 years ago you took my hand, and the rest is history. I have seen so much in these 14 short years! I have seen joy, laughter and tears. I have seen strong arms hold me when I hurt and a heart full of compassion for all. You were there to share each milestone as it came. We have made every moment count, never taking life for granted.
  • Time flies when you are having fun. And, we’ve been having a lot of fun together. Here is to the next 14 years and beyond! Thanks for being my best friend!
  • 14 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Quotes
  • We have been friends for 14 years; I have seen you grow into a beautiful young lady I love spending time with you, even though we fight sometimes. You always come through, but its okay to fight because it shows how much we care.
  • At fourteen, you’ve built bridges with friends you’ll keep till the end, a best friend that makes you laugh at your faults and always has your back.
  • I’ve been with you through it all: the tears of joy and the tears of sadness. You came into my life when I needed it most. I can’t promise that I will never hurt you, but I will always be here for you. This friendship is one that I will never forget. Not only are we friends, but we are family. You are my best friend, a sister to me. We have shared so many memories, all of them happy ones.

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